Small Box Fitness

kettlebells - weight training - general conditioning

Current Services and Rates

Personal training at SBF

One-on-one private instruction at Small Box Fitness. $70 per hour session.

Small group personal training at SBF

Get some friends together for small group sessions of up to 4 people, yet still get the personal instruction. These sessions can be great fun and a very effective way to learn and train at a budget rate. $90 total per hour session for 2 to 4 people. 

Drop-in class at SBF (max 4, call to reserve)

Mondays at 5pm: 1 hour class. $25 each participant. Depending on each individual's abilities and needs, class will contain selections of strength, conditioning, and mobility exercises.

Personal training at other locations

One-on-one or small group instruction at a location other than SBF. If needed, I can bring the necessary kettlebells and any other equipment to your home or other location. Contact for specific rates and availability.